Sunday, October 28, 2012

Loveship Susie

I love Susie from the blog Loveship so much. Everything she wears is this magical fusing of comfort quality and style.  Her style is not flashy or flattering, instead it is founded on an innate sense of taste regarding what suits her look. Most of her clothes are amazing, high-quality, designer goods, yet they were bought for peanuts at secondhand stores and consignment shops.

She is my main inspiration for wearing man pants, and her neutral colour scheme is always classic, never boring. Fashion can be fun and experimental, but there is so much value in knowing exactly what you like, what makes you feel good on the inside and buying accordingly.

If that wasn't convincing enough, she also has a Comme des Garçons tattoo. DEADLY COOL.


  1. wow i love her outfits! will definitely check her blog :-)

  2. This is really interesting. Like you say even though she dresses with a limited colour pallet it works, really well. I'm so used to seeing fashion bloggers experimenting but the idea of knowing your style as well as she does is very appealing :) thanks.

  3. Love the white shirt and black skirt, she makes it interesting somehow